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Community Mediation Program

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Through partnerships with local courts, nonprofits, state and federal agencies, TAC provides low-cost or free mediation services to individuals, businesses and organizations in their communities.


These programs allow disputes to be settled out of court and online in a simple, convenient, low-cost manner.

Our practice areas include:

Pro-Se Conflict Resolution

Faith-Based Conflict Resolution

Nonprofit Conflict Resolution

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Pre-suit Litigation Claims

Landlord-Tenant Law

Real Estate

Debt Collection

Complex Litigation

Family and Custody Disputes

Employment Law

Civil Rights

International Law and Human Rights

Our mediators are currently listed in Florida as Florida Supreme Court Certified County, Circuit-Civil, Family and Dependency Mediators and in Tennessee as a Rule 31 Mediator with dual certification.

If one of our mediators has been assigned to your case, please click on one of the links below to be redirected to some great information on what you can expect as you prepare for your mediation.  You may request our services by reaching out to any of our partner agencies (links listed below) or by contacting us directly.


Florida Department of Financial Services

Sixth Judicial District - Florida

Twelfth Judicial District - Florida

Twentieth Judicial District - Florida


    Currently seeking appointment in Tennessee.

Our fees are based on local community-mediation rates.

For more information on TAC's mediation program and the process as a whole, please click here

Restorative Justice Program

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Edwin Hubbel Chappin is quoted as stating, “The essence of justice is mercy.” TAC takes that analysis a bit further in that the essence of justice is mercy - mercy for the victim and mercy for the offender.


Unlike traditional criminal justice programs that primarily focus on punishment, TAC’s restorative justice program emphasizes repairing the harm caused by the offender in a way that fosters restoration between the individuals and communities involved. Trained mediators facilitate a structured dialogue between the victim, the offender, and the various community leaders and state agencies that allow the offenders to take responsibility for the harm caused to the victims and their communities through dialogues and negotiations that allow the participants to
work together to develop a mutually agreeable and beneficial plan that repairs the harm; this may involve restitution, community service, an apology or other forms of reparation, such as follow-up meetings, support, and the like. 
Overall, the goal of TAC’s restorative justice program is to promote healing, reconciliation and accountability while reducing the likelihood of future harm, promoting a sense of peace and justice for all involved.


Contact us today for more information. 

Christian Faith-Based Conflict Resolution

TAC's Christian Faith-Based Conflict Resolution program offers practical tools and strategies for resolving conflicts within families, churches, workplaces, and communities. Drawing upon Christ-centered teachings on forgiveness, reconciliation, and peacemaking, participants learn constructive ways to address disagreements, restore broken relationships, and promote unity in a safe environment whether online or in-person. 


Contact us for more information on how we can help you, your family or organization effectively address conflict resolution today. 

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