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How To Write A Good Personal Statement For Residency

2. Demonstrate your interest in the specialty. It’s in your best interest to write about why you’re pursuing a particular specialty in your personal statement. Just keep in mind that a surface-level answer isn’t going to help.

  • The stories in your personal statement can also serve as a great starting point for conversations during your residency interviews! 5. Be creative. The directors of a residency program will be reading a large number of personal statements as they.

  • • The personal statement is the only document in your application where you can discuss your vision of your future. Take advantage of it! • Avoid spending the whole essay documenting the steps that led you to choose a specialty. Leave room to talk about your current interests and future aspirations, in residency and beyond.

  • Example #1. Example #2. Example #3. A few last thoughts. Some students think that the residency personal statement (RPS) is the same as the graduate essay, but it’s not quite right. Personal statement residency is one of the great ways to share your character and abilities and plans for your career as a physician.


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