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International Advocacy

Below is a list of TAC's current community projects in various areas of the world that you can be a part of!
Just click on the links below to be redirected to their individual websites.

YOU can start effective social change TODAY! 

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Coeur Assemble, Inc.'s Christ's Orphanage Project

Haiti has experienced a 150 percent increase in the number of orphanages since the 2010 earthquake, with only 15 percent of orphanages officially registered with the government. The pandemic halted most efforts. Then, in 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the southern region, devastating the homes of most families who were enrolled in the foster care system. Continued long-standing political, security and humanitarian crisis has left all government branches inoperative, compounding overwhelming impunity for human rights abuses. Armed gangs have intensified their control of strategic areas increasing violence and preventing access to basic needs such as food, water and communications.  

In response to this crisis, TAC has partnered with Coeur Assemble, Inc., a faith-based nonprofit organized to offer sustainable housing, educational, and medical assistance for those children in Haiti who are victims of social injustice, income inequality, food insecurity, and housing inequality and insecurity.

In January of 2024, TAC begun Phase I of the Building Project. We are in the process of organizing a team to go into the land and see what materials and labor will be needed to manifest Christ's Orphanage for the children God has placed in the care of Couer Assemble, Inc.

You can be a part of this work, too! Just click the image above to be directed to their website to learn more about their Building Project and Sponsor-a-Child program.

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